Elias Nardi Group

Elias Nardi | Oud

Nazanin Piri-Niri | Flute

Daniele Di Bonaventura | Bandoneon

Didier François | Viola d'Amore a Chiavi

Carlo La Manna | Fretless Bass, Six String Bass



Ares Tavolazzi | Double bass, Bass

Savino Pantone | Viola, Violin

Claudio Farinone | 8 String, Baritone & Flamenco Guitars

Emanuele Le Pera | Percussion



Ethno Jazz, Progressive, Early Music, Classical, Contemporary, Folk  and Minimal influences  come together giving birth to a unique and manifold musical experience with no concern for genre


Elias Nardi together with his groups and band toured intensively throughout all Europe, and in particular in Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland. The performance includes the huge repertory of compositions belonging to his discography and his three solo albums Flowers of Fragility, The Tarot Album and Orange Tree in addition to many brand new  and unedited experimental pieces.